I decided I need to start a list of items I want to sew.  It may take several years, it may only take a few months-guess it depends on how serious I get about the sewing! 

So, here’s the list:

  • Cover for the rotisserie
  • Quilt for day bed-preferably finish the Hot Flashes quilt!
  • Quilt for Annie
  • Quilt for big bed
  • applique sheers for studio
  • Table runners for different seasons
  • runner for Pa’s book case
  • Wall quilts for cube
  • Wall quilts for me!
  • Lap quilt for living room
  • Seat cover for bar
  • Lap quilt to use downstairs
  • place mats
  • pot holders
  • Free Motion quilt sampler
  • Applique with pieced background-woven? plain blocks?

Will I ever be able to stop working full time so I have real time to spend creating something beautiful?  Or will I be stuck in a cube until all the creative ideas have been sucked dry!?