What do I wish I had in my sewing studio that I don’t have now?  What do I have that I love and want to retain in my future studio?


two big windows that let in light
studio is on the northwest corner of the house, so I hear the wind when it talks
TV and dynamite sound for my music/movies/shows
Computer and printer
Two big drafting tables that I can easily change height on
Three big bookcases to hold most of my books/fabric
Wall space for all the prints I love

more floor space!
Hardwood floors-easier to spot dropped pins, easier to sweep up bits of thread
Windows on 3 walls
U-shaped work area in the middle of the room so I can walk around all sides
enough wall space to put up a 6×8 design wall
more open shelves for storing my stuff
wall mount speakers and TV so the stand isn’t using floor space
space to set up ironing station and leave it up
wall space to hold a board big enough to keep all my thread out where I can see it easily