There are a couple of directions I am drawn to, but I can only afford to focus on one-which do I choose?

Fabric dyeing looks like such fun, but stocking up on dye to really explore it is expensive.  Also, I can paint fabric with thread, but stocking up on thread is also expensive.  So, which do I really want to pursue?  When I sit quietly and ponder the two, thread always seems to edge out dye.  Probably because of the mess involved with dye-even if its low water immersion!

So-the other dilemma-my room is suffocating me because of all the “stuff” packed in it!  I need to come up with a better work table layout and a better way to store my fabric safely without being impossible to get to.  Plastic tubs just don’t work well.  I need to draw out a few ideas and look for affordable ways to make them real.